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Henry Castro 
A natural born Claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyant and a Clairsentience. He always just knew things and what to do and never knew why. He always felt he was protected and guided but never knew all the gifts he had, he just knew God was by his side. When he met his wife Patty, she started to introduce to him her spirituality and healings that her mom taught her. Jennifer started to teach him and help him heal himself to the point he transformed his life. He took a vow to God and the angels that he would never go back to his old ways and became a vegetarian and alcohol, caffeine free. He decided to do this vow so he would be able to hear his angels clearly and to serve humanity to the best of his abilities. He loves this new life of service, to help and teach everything he learned.. He developed all his gifts and got certified in angel card reading and started to read angel oracle cards and tarot cards to help people with love, money, home, career and even life path. He also started to develop his light work, energy healing and crystal healing to now be able to  performs energy healing using crystals, flowers and the help of the angels to work through him during healings.  
Jennifer Hahn
Since she was a young girl, she always had the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience but being afraid of her gifts she kept them to herself until she was of an older age. Knowing she always wanted to help and heal people she got into the medical field and became an OR nurse and an ANP. While she was helping people in the hospitals, she decided to get into alternative medicine and became a certified flower therapist, massage therapist, energy healer, and a raindrop therapist using essential oils. Helping others to heal themselves became her passion. When she met Henry, He was one of her biggest accomplishments. She was able to do what no one else has done before. Help him transform himself. All her healings and spiritual teachings healed and changed Henry to become the person he is today. A vegetarian, chemical free, spiritual light healer and a man of God. He always thanks her for all her teachings. Now that she has this circle of healers, she then decided it was time to developed all her gifts and started to read angel cards and do energy healing to others all over the world so she may be able to spread the angel messages and healings.   
About A Total Bliss

A Total Bliss is family-owned company. There are 3 gifted individual who are Jennifer Hahn, mother of Patty Castro and Mother in-law of Henry Castro. Together they started to do coaching, guidance, energy healings, spiritual reading and everything to do with helping and guiding their clients to a complete mind, body and soul transformation and bring to a complete balance. 

In 2013 they all decided to listen to their higher self, their source, angels to completely detox, cleanse their life so they could hear and be more connected to their higher self. They all took a vow to be chemical free and vegetarians and vegans  so they can serve God, the angles and humanity to the best of their abilities. Living a life in a natural state gives them a clean and clear energy so they can transmit and give loving and white light to all and to have a clear mind and sense of self to help those who want to change their life to a better way. 

They all studied under some of the best and know angel card readers such as Doreen Virtue, Flower therapist Robert Reeves and Radleigh Valentine to mention a few. They have also learned so much from other teachers such as Dr. wayne Dyer, Joe Marshalla, Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Ronna Herman, in developing their gifts and also transforming their lives to a more positive and fulfilling life. They continuously are honing their gifts so they can bring nothing but love and light from the universe to you.  
In their practice of coaching, they teach and help their clients to self discover their inner peace, joy and fulfillment. They show you the way to reach the path you want to achieve and show you that anything is possible as long as you believe it is possible 

Together these three light workers perform powerful healings using energy, crystals, oils, flowers and the power of the angels working through them, to give their clients a wonderful experience. 

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​Always being taught about the universe and the law of attraction and about alternative healings from her mother, Patty was never one to pay attention, her life was heading in a different direction but knew she was always protected by the angels because of her mother teaching her about the power of the angels. Once she met her husband Henry and saw how his life was changing for the better and their relationship was becoming stronger and more enlightened because of his life change. Patty knew she also had to change so she could enjoy the fulfillment and joy that comes with this new life style. After detoxing from all chemicals she started to develop her clairvoyance and clairsentience. Developing her gifts and connecting with her angels she was guided to healings and readings. She became a flower therapist and an angel card reader using a variety of oracle cards from Doreen Virtue's collection. She also started reading Tarot Cards when guided to. Working with her mom as an understudy helping people heal themselves she also became a light worker and is able to do energy healings using crystals, oils and flowers.